Free ebook

This free ebook is a collection of horror short stories. The latest chapter of my journey in self publishing ebooks. It is available at Smashwords and is titled The Seventh Sense. I love writing supernatural stories because they can be set anywhere, in any time and place. If you write horror or fantasy you can write it like a thriller, a science fiction epic, crime fiction, ghost story, set it in the past, present or future. There are no limits. Writing horror fiction helps me get all the disparate ideas for stories out of my head.

Below are brief descriptions of each story. Get yourself a copy from Smashwords.

The Seventh Sense.

Eleven stories. Eleven journeys along dark paths.

Number Four.

An ex-con returns to his former town supported by his probabtion officer and the manager of a halfway house. He will learn that coming home is not always the wisest choice.


A young boy comes of age in an old and unusual family.


April lives in fear of her boyfriend David. His obsession with serial killers and a long dead girl leads to her escape from his abuses. David wants her back and will do anything to accomplish this, but April, trying to slot back into normal life with her mum and brother, is not the meek woman she was. She is changing. A transformation that will bring them back together for the final time.

The Hand Dryer King.

A homeless man in the early 1990’s lives in a world of drink, crime and a struggle for survival. Two strangers come to his town and he finds himself caught between a battle of good and evil.

The White Glaistig.

A would be writer of non fiction books receives a dream offer from a super rich businessman. He is sent to a remote loch in Scotland to research a local legend. A legend that means more to the businessman than all the money in the world.

Imaginary Solid.

Farrow is a junior solicitor called to the bedside of his firm’s most important client. The old man is dying and has one very strange request.

The Yellow Parchment.

A hardened enforcer has lost the love of his life, the daughter of his boss, Jack Waring. He is determined to discover her killer and exact revenge. His bloody investigation leads him to an old colleaugue of Waring’s, a child pornographer that Waring has protected for decades.

The Stranger, the Pipe and the Prayer.

An old tale retold how it really happened.

The smallest god.

Cranitch is a low level journalist about to cover the strangest story of his career.

Life Sentence.

In the far future society punishes it’s most extreme criminals in the most extreme of ways.

The Seventh Sense.

Lacey is a waitress in a small village tea room. An ordinary girl with little ambition other than to keep out of her nagging mother’s way. Her day off, spent doing overtime, sees her meet two very special customers. The kind of customers the village can do without.

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